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Engineered for Installers

Engineered for Installers

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For over 35 years, our cabinet making crew has maintained the proven "old school" methods of solid and sustainable cabinet construction.


We uphold a high standard of craftsmanship often considered too costly by large production manufacturers.

Whether choosing to receive your product pre-finished or finished in place, our in-house design talent can coordinate all the details.

Tenhulzen Residential acquired Cabinetree Works in 2021.


As a general contractor specializing in remodeling occupied homes on Seattle's Greater Eastside, the production staff grew increasingly frustrated with local cabinet shops not being able to meet the time schedules and quality standards.


Since cabinetry is often a pivotal component of the remodeling schedule, it made sense to provide customers with a unique advantage to other remodeling contractors.


Now Tenhulzen customers can rely on quality product, produced when expected and installed as designed.

See article: "Planting A Cabinetree" for more information.

"Why didn't I come here sooner?"

 Pat S.

"This shop is the perfect solution for any storage problem. "

Derek M.

"Top quality and quick turn around. "

Shirey Contracting

"Amazing craftsmen who deliver to spec. "

Metamorphosis Construction

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