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In most places, kitchens are the hub of the home. They’re the space where we gather, make great meals, and spend quality time together… which got us thinking. What do kitchens look like in other places across the globe? So we did some research to find out.

5 Kitchen Styles Across the Globe

Japan. Japanese people value a sense of peace and harmony within their homes. Every home needs that feeling. Japanese kitchen design is all about balance, purity, and cleanliness. Less is more in Japanese kitchens. Generally, the ideal Japanese kitchen has a simple color palette, clean lines, and empty surfaces. A must-have appliance in a traditional Japanese kitchen is a rice steamer, as this staple is part of their daily meals.

England. A traditional English kitchen is assembled more like an array of furnishings, as opposed to American kitchen with built in cabinetry. For example, a traditional British kitchen’s cabinets will have legs, be modular, and more like chests of drawers. Another common kitchen design in England is its placement within the household. Most British kitchens are placed facing the front of the home. Because kitchens were seen traditionally as just functional, the evolution when it comes to that hasn’t changed much. English kitchens have a lot of nooks and crannies, shelving, and most commonly a mantle above the range for storing spices and necessary cookware.

Mexico. Traditional Mexican kitchens embrace color, texture, and pattern. One of the wonderful advantages of this style of design is that it doesn't have to cost much, and in many cases, it's hard to overdo it. From the classic swirls in wrought iron light fixtures to a filigree of red, blue and green borders on tile work. Mexican design is a feast for the eye that can be elaborate, kitschy and anything in between.

Dubai. Much of Dubai’s style and traditions are inspired from Europe. Because Dubai has become the epicenter of design in recent times, their interior aesthetics have become a direct reflection of that. Clean lines, modern finishes, and high end appliances are what makes Dubai kitchen design some of the best in the world. Bright, saturated color palettes, rich patterns, and open floor plans are just an added bonus.

Croatia. Croatian culture is known for their excellent cuisine. With this in mind, a traditional Croatian kitchen goes back to their history of how they value sharing meals within their families and communities. Croatian kitchens are often rustic, humble, and full of somewhat primitive features and gadgets. A very traditional Croatian kitchen will come equipped with a wood fireplace, used to create authentic wood fired breads and other delicacies.

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